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Gilbert Velasquez

Meet Gilbert Velasquez
Gilbert's been involved with business and design for over ten years. His father has owned multiple businesses and Gilbert's always been handling his family business' Information Technology. What started as a simple spreadsheet quickly grew into an obsession of using technology to help companies focus on the work they got in business to do.

He's Intense
When Gilbert does something, he goes all the way with it. He pushes boundaries and doesn't accept what the mainstream audience simply accepts. He's always looking to give you more and is never satisfied until his work is top quality and something original that really gets the job done.

He's Latino
While most people see the world from one perspective, Gilbert's background and culture allows him to view the world in many different ways. Being bilingual and having held a working position in Peru, South America, 3AM Productions is able to work with Spanish speaking clients and understand the Latino culture.


The Ohio State University
  • 2002 - present
  • Fisher College of Business [ Honors ]
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Specialization: MIS
  • Minor: Latino/a Studies

Business Skills

I see a great difference between most online web design companies and 3AM Productions. That difference is our ability to not just understand technology, but to understand your business. We can understand what your business goals and strategies are and create a web site that falls in line with those strategies.


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Mr. Gilbert Joseph Velasquez CEO
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